UE 18+ PRO

For Those Who Demand the Best.

UE 18+ PRO

For Audiophiles, symphony, jazz and classical


The third generation UE 18+ Pro, with its award winning heritage, has been enhanced with UE’s True Tone Plus Drivers for extended headroom. 6 proprietary balanced armatures are divided into 4 frequency bands with (2) True Tone Plus drivers dedicated to high frequencies. Multiple passive crossovers separate sound frequencies into clear vocals and instrument, defined high notes and a powerful low end… all without distortion. The patented triple bore sound channels keep the lows, mids and highs separate until they interact with your eardrum.

Enjoy clear, warm sound, perfectly balanced with a smooth bass, expansive upper-register harmonics and extraordinary detail. Feel the sound of the next generation!

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*Extra charge for personal artwork or removal of UE logo