Amazing Hearing: Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are necessary when the body has lost its ability to function “normally”. The transmission of sound has been altered, and usually decreased in intensity. The hair cells located in the inner ear become damaged and the sound transmission is altered. The brain is not receiving the full spectrum of speech and therefore comprehension is decreased. A person with hearing loss has to work harder to understand the message while a normal functioning hearing person does so effortlessly.

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SmartRIC hearing aid
Widex SmartRic Charger

Widex SmartRic

SmartRIC incorporates celebrated features of Widex hearing aids, including:


Elevate your day with a quick charge, portable convenience, and transparent status updates—all designed to keep you connected to a world of natural sound.

Widex Moment Sheer

It’s finally here! Widex has created a hearing aid with the most natural and undistorted sound ever offered. Introducing the Widex Moment, a hearing aid with the fastest sound processing in the industry.

ZeroDelay technology reduces processing delays between the microphone and receiver to under a millisecond, thereby eliminating distortion. The Moment hearing aid is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid on the market. Lithium-ion means no more struggling with changing hearing aid batteries. The new charger is sleek, discreet, and compact and has no contacts to keep clean and no misalignment issues.

A full 4-hour charge gives users a full day of use and a quick 30-minute charge can deliver 4 hours of listening in urgent situations. The hearing aids are built to last with a nano coating designed to maximize moisture resistance and increase the expected longevity of the hearing aid’s life.

Stream all of your devices with upgraded 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity. With Widex Moment, you can control your hearing aids using the Moment App on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Widex offers the Moment aid in both receiver-in-the-canal and custom models, and connects wirelessly to all of your favorite Widex hearing aid accessories.