Assistive Devices

We have what you need for every hearing issue… in stock and on display!

Serene Portable Wireless TV Soundbox

Serene Portable Wireless TV Soundbox

Trouble hearing your TV? Don’t turn your TV up – bring crystal clear, hi fidelity sound.
Wireless Mini Home Notification System - CentralAlert™

Wireless Mini Home Notification System CentralAlert

Alerts you to the ringing of your home/cell phones, text messages, and Skype* calls.

Tinnitus UnderpillowTM Audio System

Ringing in your ears? Need a good night’s sleep? Great for tinnitus, anxiety or insomnia.

Serene Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

This Vibrating Alarm Clock (Model VA3) for the hearing impaired also offers sound and flashing alarms

Lifetone HL ™ Bedside Fire Alarm & Clock
Smoke Detection – A standard household smoke alarm detects a fire and sounds an alert.
Elderly Assistance Products with Loud Door Alarm, Wireless Doorbell Chime and Bed Shaker.
Portable Power Cell

Recharge using the free power of the sun. 5-inch solar panel lets you recharge without cords/outlets.

Wired Bed Shaker

For Serene Innovations External Ringer for Cell Phone and Home Alert System. Model: BS-100.

Luci Pro Series

Power up with the Pro Series solar lights. With cell phone charging capabilities, 150 lumens.

Assistive Devices