Watch Ann talk about Over the Counter (OTC) hearing aids.

“New” Over the Counter Hearing Aids – Nothing “New!”


Exercise extreme caution when purchasing direct-to-consumer hearing products over the counter (OTC) or online.

The Attorney General’s office urges that consumers cautiously consider the following Do’s & Don’ts before purchasing an OTC hearing device or online:



Get a professional hearing test from our audiologists to know your degree of hearing loss and reduce the potential of increased future hearing loss.

Don’t purchase hearing aids online or over-the-counter without consulting our audiologists.

Consult with our audiologist before buying hearing aids to ensure you are using the correct technology for your specific hearing loss.

Never rely on online hearing screenings to diagnose hearing loss. Seek professional guidance to correctly diagnose your hearing loss and prescribe the correct best solution.

Research your options and know what is safe for you. Seek the help of our audiologists to maximize your potential.

It is unrealistic to expect the same quality care that you receive from our audiologists.

Have questions about your hearing health? Reach out to our team of professionals at 949-667-9818. We would be happy to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your options and help determine what is right for you.

“New” Over the Counter Hearing Aids – Nothing “New!”

There’s been a lot of news lately about over the counter (OTC) hearing aids as approved by the federal government, and what a “good thing” this is for consumers.

But like the old saying, the devil is in the details. OTC hearing aids have been around for about 20 years. President Trump signed the OTC bill over 5 years ago, now the FDA is just “finalizing” the details under the Biden Administration. So, what affect will this have on you, a current hearing aid user – probably none. Why? OTC devices are like “peeper glasses” to help with the first signs of needing help. They are not made for people with significant hearing loss, rather they are to encourage people to get started with hearing help. OTC aids are purchased in stores which require:

Unfortunately, most people under diagnosis their hearing condition. By the time they investigate OTC devices, they are out of their fitting range.

The best place to start is with a comprehensive hearing test from a licensed audiologist. With 6-8 years of education in hearing science, our audiologists can correctly assess and prescribe the correct treatment for your hearing condition. Call us today at 949-667-9818 for a baseline evaluation.