Hearing Aid Care

Silver Zinc Batteries
While there are different brands of batteries available on the market, the most common type is still the zinc-air button disposable battery. Previously, hearing aid batteries were produced using trace amounts of mercury to assist with conductivity, but mercury is no longer used in hearing aid batteries. This makes them environmentally friendly and the batteries can be thrown away. Because zinc-air batteries are air-activated, a factory-sealed sticker allows them to remain inactive until it is removed. Once peeled from the back of the battery, oxygen will interact with the zinc in the battery and “turn it on”. To get the best performance from a zinc-air battery, wait about one-two minutes after removing the sticker to fully activate it before placing it in the hearing device. Replacing the sticker will not deactivate the battery, so once the sticker is removed, the battery will remain in an active state until the power is drained.

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