Hearing Aid Care

Dry-cap uv 2.1

Dry-cap UV Electronic drying cap for all rechargeable hearing aids.

$95.00 + Tax

Moisture, body secretions and cerumen can severely impair the function of rechargeable hearing aids and lead to their failure. The Dry-Cap UV2® is a drying box that provides effective, gentle, and safe care for your rechargeable hearing aids to prevent ear infections, reduce repairs and extend their service life. The Dry Cap enables quick drying and hygienical cleansing while simultaneously charging of your rechargeable hearing aids using the included dual-USB power supply. There are two modes available. The Dry & Clean mode combines fast drying by an efficient air blower and UV-C light for perfect hygiene at the beginning and end of the drying process. The Clean Mode is a fast hygiene program using the UV-C light to effectively eliminate 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and fungi. In addition to hearing aids, many other types of products can be dried and hygienically cleansed, such as electronics (cell phone), dental care and baby pacifiers, just to name a few.

Drying and cleaning space optimized for rechargeable hearing aids • Easy operation with tactile buttons • Dual USB power supply for drying, hygienic cleaning and charging of rechargeable hearing aids at the same time from only one power outlet • Standard USB Type-C™ connector and USB-A to USB-C cable.

Renew Hearing Aid Dryer and Sanitizer

Renew Hearing Aid Dryer and Sanitizer

Say goodbye to chemicals and desiccants!

A dry, gentle heat combined with a UV light dries your hearing aids while eliminating bacteria growth and moisture. This compact, lightweight, and portable dryer features a simple one-touch operation. You can check your battery status with the built-in battery tester. It can accommodate two pairs of hearing aids or a cochlear implant processor.

One year warranty included.

$59.95 + Tax

Silver Zinc Batteries

While there are different brands of batteries available on the market, the most common type is still the zinc-air button disposable battery. Previously, hearing aid batteries were produced using trace amounts of mercury to assist with conductivity, but mercury is no longer used in hearing aid batteries. This makes them environmentally friendly and the batteries can be thrown away. Because zinc-air batteries are air-activated, a factory-sealed sticker allows them to remain inactive until it is removed. Once peeled from the back of the battery, oxygen will interact with the zinc in the battery and “turn it on”. To get the best performance from a zinc-air battery, wait about one-two minutes after removing the sticker to fully activate it before placing it in the hearing device. Replacing the sticker will not deactivate the battery, so once the sticker is removed, the battery will remain in an active state until the power is drained.

At Amazing Hearing, our batteries have one of the longest shelf lives available. Most of our batteries have a battery expiration for up to three years. We also offer a great price on our batteries- check us out!