“I’ve known Ann for many years and would trust no one else with my hearing. When I thought there might have been a problem with my hearing, I traveled from Arizona to California for the sole purpose of having Ann check my hearing. That’s how much I trust her!”
Peter C.
Chandler, AZ
"I have had a great experience at Amazing Hearing and with my WIDEX hearing aids. I decided to get hearing aids so I could get comfortable with them before my hearing loss became severe. Ann is very professional and takes wonderful care of me."
Ron H.
"I was afraid of hearing aids because I am not good with technology … but not anymore. I can hear all of my phone messages directly through my ears … better than through my home phone. I now rely totally on my hearing aids to hear all phone calls. So helpful!"
Helen F.
Ease of technology
"Ann and her staff are always available to help me. I can’t believe how great my hearing is with my new hearing aids. I am so glad I am with Ann."
Kark K.
Patient Care
"I am 93 years old. I have purchased several hearing aids over the past 20 years. I researched for a trustworthy audiologist and I chose Ann Mundell-Noel. She chose the best aids for my condition, adjusted as needed and educated me on their use. All of this service was given with caring and courtesy. I recommend Ann for those who need hearing aids and want an honest, reliable, knowledgeable professional to assess, budget and fulfill those needs."
Irwin W.
Patient Care
"I have a cochlear implant and have trouble understanding some words because my hearing is so badly damaged. However, I no longer need my cane since wearing my new Widex hearing aids. I have better balance because of my new hearing aids and that has helped me feel more secure. It’s just the beginning and I am doing so much better!"
Estelle N.
Cochlear Implant & Widex
“The day we were in her office and I had my new Widex hearing aids on, I kept hearing this clicking sound. I thought it was the clock… but it wasn’t. I was looking around and saw Ann was clicking her mouse on her computer and I heard it! I haven’t heard that sound in years. I went home and turned on my computer and clicked my mouse. I hadn’t heard that sound in 9 or 10 years. I didn’t even know that it clicked. It’s been a whole change in the quality of life. I am now understanding my granddaughters…You can’t put a price on it.”
Byron B.
“I am a first time user. And being a first time user, there’s nothing really to compare it against. But I can tell you, I am very, very happy. Our lives, my wife’s and mine, have changed. All because of Ann."
Alex A.
First time user
“I had several people tell me there is just no one better than Ann Mundell-Noel. Some had been going to see her for many, many years. This last time when my hearing went down considerably I went in to see Ann. I have had some bad experiences with other audiologists, but Ann has been one of my most wonderful experiences. She is very intelligent and very caring. She will work with you until she gets it accomplished.”
MaryAnn M.
Patient Care
“I am so grateful to Ann. My daily routine has become so much easier since going to a meeting and speaking to her. I made an appointment and felt assured with her immediately. I am turning down the volume on the TV’s and radio about 50%. I was not even aware of the everyday sounds I had been missing. Thank you so much for your patience and caring.”
Judy P.
Patient Care
“I have been working with Ann since 2013. I got tired of saying "What?" in a crowded restaurant. My hearing has improved so much since I first sat down with Ann, got tested and fitted for hearing aids. I appreciate her on-going testing, sound advice and helpful suggestions to improve my hearing each day. Please do not settle for drug store hearing aids. Any hearing aid needs adjustments over time with filter changes and fine tuning. You will be in very good hands with Ann!”
Marcia W.
Tustin, CA
"Thank you for all of the helpful attention you have shown to my parents (Margaret and David Molthen). I was so fortunate to have my dear neighbor Nancy Morris point me to Amazing Hearing. You guys are the Best! Thanks again!"
Juliana Tucker
"Although I received my aids through the VA, I am so impressed with Ann I will only come to her for my hearing aid care."
Eric S.
Hearing Aids through VA
"For over 40 years, I have lectured in corporate offices and college classrooms, keynoted for audiences of 15,000 and facilitated teams of 30. But when I found myself saying “excuse me?” and “please repeat”, something was indeed going on. I had been to two different hearing offices but it was only when I found Ann and Amazing Hearing that my auditory ability improved. What I so value is her patience with me. I might have written eight books but when it comes to understanding technology and phone apps for my hearing aids, I am a simpleton. She fixes that— patiently. Bottom line: Helen Keller was right. “Blindness cuts us off from things. Deafness cuts us off from people.” 
Eileen M.
CEO, The Resiliency Group
"I am so pleased to be working with Ann. She is knowledgeable and always there to help me with my phone and hearing aids. Ann is great!"
Emily W.
Patient Care
"I recommend and endorse Ann. Since receiving my Oticon OPN hearing aids, the difference and quality of the sound technology is markedly noticeable to me. In situations with large amounts of background conversation, I was awed by the hearing aid’s technology. They isolate and amplify the voice of someone I am speaking with and suppress the background conversations. I could understand every word. What a thrill! Ann is fabulous, understanding and poised with the experience and ability to relate to any client. Ultimately professional!"
Bill L.
Oticon and background noise
“(Ann) gave me the best possible service…I had gone to the VA for free hearing aids. And they were all messed up. They left a piece of the tip of the hearing aid in my ear. The VA just kinda threw me in and out…here’s your instruction book, now go figure it out yourself. But Ann gave me a lot of insight on what I could do and what I couldn’t do. She gave me a lot of real personal service. She was more concerned about me and how I could hear, even though I didn’t buy the aids from her.”
Daryl J.
Patient Care
“Ann has excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the ear, the physiology and the components of hearing which is a very important knowledge to have. I think her equipment and facilities provide a great benefit for my hearing aids. She has the patience and the perseverance to keep working with me.”
Dr. Mel B.
Patient Care
“I had probably tried 3 of 4 different brands of aids. Started with 1, then 2, then graduated to digital aids, different programs. All of them were improvements, but never really clear. My hearing got progressively worse. And now, with Ann and my new aids, it is amazing! I hadn’t heard thunder in over 30 years…And I heard thunder the first night I wore my new aids. Thank you Ann so much.”
Nancy M.
New aids...new sounds
“I had a wonderful visit with Daddy today. The new hearing aids are working so well. We had great conversations about forgiveness and childhood music experiences. It’s so amazing to have these conversations with him now. It was the best visit in a long time. Thanks Ann Mundell-Noel. It’s a huge difference for me and our family.”
Laurie H.
Family member of a patient