UE Comm Headset

Sleek. Versatile. Lightweight.

UE Comm Headset

For Producers/Directors, Gamers, Camera Operators, Lighting/Grip, Production Assistant, Tech Director

RETAIL PRICE: Varies with model of UE custom in-ear monitors chosen (ie: Standard UE COMM with base model UE 5 $1,400)

Tired of heavy, bulky and uncomfortable headphones?

The UE COMM combines Ultimate Ears custom fitted in-ear monitors with a detachable electret microphone for crystal-clear communication. The headset is versatile, lightweight and provides comfort for all-day use. The custom fit creates a perfect seal reducing external noises which allows the user to listen at a safer volume. The microphone can easily be swapped and attached to either ear. An adapter kit is included enabling integration with existing communication systems – both wired and wireless. Whether you-re using a belt pack, walkie talkie, a push-to-talk (PPT) system or even your phone, the UE COMM has you covered!

The UE COMM works with any Ultimate Ears monitor and can be customized with an array of accessories and configurations.

The headset can also be retrofitted to your own Ultimate Ears monitors. Contact us for details and pricing.

Standard UE COMM package:
Additional accessories/configurations: Prices vary

For custom colors and finishes click on the ORANGE button to check out Ultimate Ears Custom Color Collection or add your own artwork.*

*Extra charge for personal artwork or removal of UE logo

In-Ear Monitor Specs

Microphone Specs